Nicola Casarini



Welcome to my personal website. I am a scholar, analyst and consultant focusing on Asia-Europe political, economic and security relations and the EU-China-US strategic triangle. Currently associated to the Wilson Center in Washington DC and the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Rome. Here my Curriculum Vitae.

I have authored various books, articles and policy papers, including the monograph; Remaking Global Order, which examines the evolution of China-Europe relations and its implications for the United States. Since its publication, the book has become a standard reference on the topic.

My publications are listed on ResearchGate. My work has appeared in (among the others): TIME Magazine, The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Project Syndicate, Reuters, The Diplomat, Asia Times, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Nikkei Asia.

To contact me, please write to:

I am the founding director of Orientedworld a boutique consultancy incorporated in London. The company focuses on gathering information, providing analysis, and facilitating contacts between Asia and the West.


I have taught and lectured in various universities in Asia, Europe and North America. In 2023, I gave lectures at: National Taiwan University (Taipei); Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul); Ca' Foscari University (Venice); School of Oriental and African Studies (London).

Over the years, I have held various teaching positions, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  In 2016 and 2017, was  Visiting Professor at The Graduate Institute in Geneva where I designed and taught a postgraduate course on 'China-Europe relations'. 

In 2009-2010, was Visiting Professor at Bocconi University in Milan where I designed and taught (in English) two courses on 'International Relations'.

In 2006 and 2007 I was a  Teaching Fellow for the Summer School organised by the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

From 2004 to 2006, was Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Richmond American University in London. 

In 2003-2004, was Teaching Fellow in the Department of Modern History and Politics at London Metropolitan University.

I did quite a lot of teaching during my doctoral years: From 2003 to 2005,  was    Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) in the Department of International History at the LSE; and from 2002 to 2005 was GTA in the Department of International Relations at the LSE.


My scholarly research has focused in particular on Europe-China/Asia relations, in the areas of: politics, security, trade and monetary affairs. Among the various strands of research developed over time, three stand out:

Europe-China techno-political linkage. My PhD thesis - published as a monograph by Oxford University Press in 2009 - unveiled original findings on EU-China space technology cooperation, including European transfers of satellite navigation technology which were exploited by Chinese authorities to advance Beijing’s space military program – a dynamic with far-reaching implications for the United States and its Asian allies. These breakthrough findings - gathered during various fieldworks in China where I accessed government facilities and interviewed officials – have been used by policymakers in the European Parliament, the House of Lords, and the U.S. Congress in their inquiries into Europe-China relations and their implications for the West.

Euro-Renminbi axis. Have carried out innovative research - based on fieldwork and interviews - on why and how Europe and China have come to support each other’s monetary ambitions, including: (i) Off-the-record findings and estimates on China’s diversification of its foreign reserves away from the dollar and into euro-denominated assets;  (ii) Analysis of Europe’s backing for the inclusion of the Chinese currency in the IMF’s official reserves (the Special Drawing Rights), a move strongly opposed by Washington; (iii) Data and insights into European banks’ use of the China International Payment System (Cips) alternative to the Western-controlled Swift. The findings have been used by EU institutions and published in various outlets, including Foreign Affairs and Project Syndicate.

Europe-Korea connection. In the last decade, have researched and organized various conferences on Europe’s relations with the Korean Peninsula as well as on the EU’s distinctive involvement in the North Korea’s nuclear dossier. These activities have led to the publication of several articles and chapters, and two books: an edited volume on EU-South Korea security relations; and a co-edited Handbook of Europe-Korea Relations which has become the standard reference on the topic.


My work has appeared - through op-eds, interviews and citations - in (among the others): TIME Magazine, Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Project Syndicate, Reuters, Euronews, Politico, EUobserver, Deutsche Welle, Il Sole 24 Ore, Le Monde, The National Interest, The Hill, The Diplomat, Asia Times, China Daily, South China Morning Post, The Japan Times, Kyodo News, The Korea Herald, 38 North, Taipei Times, The Straits Times, Nikkei Asia.


Have had the opportunity to work as advisor and consultant for various organizations, including the following:

  • Provided oral and written evidence on Europe-China relations for: European Parliament (Brussels); House of Lords (London); Senate of the Republic (Rome); U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (Washington D.C.).
  • Advised various governments and institutions, including: European External Action Service; U.S. State Department; ROK Ministry of Unification.
  • Gained business experience as the founding director of, a consultancy incorporated in London. 


I have a keen interest in creating projects that can offer something valuable to  the world. Am currently working on a website and book on how to create lasting wealth, both in material terms but also, and more importantly, in the spiritual realm. The project - and website - is called: It will be online in the second part of 2023.


I continue to learn, and remain a student in the following areas:

Business & financial education

1000+ hours (or 7 years) of study and practice of financial education techniques and strategies, including attendance of personal finance classes and investing workshops on real estate and stocks, Rich Dad Education, Scottsdale (Arizona – U.S.) -

500+ hours (or 4 years) of study, practice and application of investing strategies in stocks and options, The Cashflow Academy, Salt Lake City (Utah – U.S.) -

Personal & spiritual development

Attended various courses on time-management, self-awareness and mind-training for achieving  objectives, including: Make your Life Extraordinary; Awareness; The 5 Keys to Wealth -

3000+ hours (or 21 years) of study, practice and application of Human Inner Design, a system of tools and techniques for the harmonious development of people, International School of Self Awareness, Assisi (Italy) -

200+ hours of training in ‘OMM Meditation’, a technique which aims to allow the practitioner to go beyond laziness, beyond convictions and improve creativity, International School of Self Awareness, Assisi (Italy) -

Intermediate level course of sacred dances (Gurdjieff’s lineage) and of the Quadrato Motor Training (QMT), a technique conceived with the aim of producing an improvement in the cognitive functioning of the human being in terms of coordination, attention and creativity, developed by the Research Institute for Neuroscience, Education, and Didactics (RINED), Paoletti Foundation, Assisi -


Through publications, teaching, consultancy and media interventions, I seek to help western policy makers, businesses and public opinion develop broader understanding of the challenges, and opportunities, that the current power shift to the East - with China at its centre - entails.