Nicola Casarini

Understanding the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

The announcement of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) at the end of December 2020 triggered an intense debate. The deal has found many supporters inside Europe and in China—but also opposition coming from some European quarters and the USA. It is thus crucial to examine the pros and cons of CAI—an accord that if ratified would boost trade and investment relations between the EU and China as well as have profound implications for the USA which is actively working to create a common front with the European allies to counter Beijing’s increased self-confidence and assertiveness. 

To find out more about the CAI and the surrounding debate, see the special issue of the Asia-Europe Journal devoted to the topic. Miguel Otero-Iglesias (Elcano Royal Institute in Madrid) and I were the guest editors –  Asia Europe Journal | Volume 20, issue 1 (

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